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A deceptivley simple pose - delivered and held with grace

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Welcome to the world of FIGURATIVE MODELLING, RESOURCES and EVENTS, brought to you by the renowned UK based model -

Her modelling began for a group of artists near Oxford in 2004. Since then, she’s become one of the UK’s most sought after models and has uniquely developed a number of related and highly successful figurative art services and products that can be grouped in these areas:-

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Rosemarie delivering a classic pose with poise and grace framed by a run down, lake side shepherds cottage   There is no hidding Rosemarie's talent behind the mask in this elegant Red Riding Hood photo session

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We’re delighted to welcome you to Modelled me UK & the range of Figurative Art services that we provide in the UK.

For many of these, Modelled me UK has been at the forefront of developing the market and interest to Corporate Clients, the numerous agencies that sell the services on to the end clients and members of the General Public.

Today, there’s an increasing number of models/companies setting up and attempting to emulate our success. Please, don’t be taken in by any such (inexperienced) operations - research them thoroughly and you will find that many of them have been stealing Pictures & text from our websites

We constantly trawl the web to identify these individuals or companies and ALWAYS prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. © 2022

Classic grace and beauty from Rosemarie in a classic pose for a studio photography session


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Our services are based on CLASSIC FIGURATIVE ART with no ADULT content.